The Bridge Retreat

42 ACRES, Somerset6 Days Long

The Bridge Retreat offers an exceptional healing experience using a powerful combination of bodywork, visualisation, meditation, ritual, education, group sharing and individual reflective sessions. Food, music, silence and nature form a significant part of the retreat experience and combine to deepen the inner and outer healing. Beautiful ceremonies weave throughout the week with Harvard backed research on their efficacy for therapeutic purposes.

Sessions address holistic ailments that form part of the human condition and work on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. The mixture of the cognitive and cathartic experiences provide context and enhanced understanding for the mind to then allow the body to process its emotional blocks safely. As well as working in groups and reconnecting to the power of community, there is also plenty of time for solitude to reflect, rest and integrate the experiences.

Once an individual’s losses and emotional blocks are processed, The Bridge expands the work to consider the bigger picture of global healing with a focus on service and living from a place of authenticity and love.

Retreat Facilitators

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Donna Lancaster

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Fréderique Bicker

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Gabi Krueger

Our Venue

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42 ACRES, Somerset

42 ACRES is a retreat centre with a vision to provide a home for inner transformation.

Nestled in a secluded Somerset valley, the space is ideal for both journeying inwards and exploring nature. Part of the philosophy of 42 ACRES is to find world-class practitioners and healers to share their wisdom and help to create change: from the inside, out. And it was, therefore, a natural partnership that they would become the main host for The Bridge Retreat.

Surrounded by 700 Acres of ancient woodland and wild meadows, it is a very special safe place for people to come and do their inner work.

The Bridge Information Evening

1 hour 15 minutes Long

We regularly hold Information Evenings about The Bridge in London, which are free to attend and all are welcome. These evenings run from 7.00pm – 8.15pm and provide an informal opportunity to meet a member of The Bridge Team, ask any questions you might have and also hear from past participants about their experiences on the retreat.

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Retreat Facilitators

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Donna Lancaster

The Bridge to Healthy Relationships

1 day Long

This is a one day workshop for individuals and couples – suitable for anyone interested in improving their relationships, including the most important one, with themselves. Join Relationship Coach and co-founder of The Bridge Retreat, Donna Lancaster to enhance your understanding, develop new skills and build healthier, happier relationships.

Most of us face relationship struggles at some point and often feel confused as to how best to deal with them. Perhaps you know that feeling? Repeating the same cycles over and again……? The big question is how do we free ourselves from this negative cycle and learn to do things differently, building the relationships we really want?

Donna has extensive knowledge working with individuals, couples and families to put together an accessible workshop to teach you tools and techniques to understand and support your relationships. Donna will draw on The Bridge model for healing as well as the teachings of renowned psychotherapist and author David Richo and Harville Hendrix’s Imago Relationship Therapy.

This workshop is designed for anyone wanting to enhance all aspects of their relating and develop their ability to enjoy life in relationships – whether with family, friends, work colleagues or in intimate life. The intention is to support people in building healthy adult relationships of all kinds. Everyone is welcome.

The price includes refreshments and a delicious lunch!


• The main stages relationships go through and how to navigate each phase

• How the past is present in relationships – exploring the impact of our past and learning ways to do things differently

• Understanding how our unmet needs from childhood can hijack our relationships

• Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships – recognising co-dependency and addiction and how to be an adult in relationships

• Grieving our losses and betrayals – why the grieving process holds the key to letting go of the past and truly trusting ourselves and our partners

• Setting healthy boundaries in relationships

• Communication skills – learning how to healthily express your needs and to really listen and be heard – Moving from Reactivity to Responsiveness

• The role of differing ‘energies’ in relationships

• What true intimacy looks and feels like – Giving and receiving

Retreat Facilitators

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Donna Lancaster