1:1 Therapy and The Bridge Retreat

Frederique Bicker, Psychologist and The Bridge Facilitator, offers her professional perspective on the differences between 1:1 therapy and The Bridge Retreat.

“As a Clinical Psychologist people often ask me about the differences between 1:1 therapy and The Bridge Retreat. In my view there are many. To start with there is the length of the experience; in a standard therapy session, you would usually be there for 50-60 minutes a week which can feel limiting for both client and therapist. For many people an hour is simply not powerful enough to create the desired change and it can take months before people feel a significant positive shift. Whereas on The Bridge Retreat you are there for six whole days, receiving approximately 60 hours of therapeutic input, which is why many people say it feels like 3 years of therapy in 1 week.

This amount of time allows people to fully focus on themselves which is a rare and precious gift in such busy times. It offers them a chance to move away from the speediness of life and in slowing down, shift their focus from the outside world, towards their inside world. Away from their daily life and triggers, people then quickly begin to feel safe enough to drop their masks and defences and do the deep healing work they feel in need of.

Some people are also uncertain if group work is for them, often unsure if they are brave enough to share their vulnerabilities with others. I think we can all relate to this! But usually I manage to inspire them by explaining that it’s the power of the group that makes The Bridge even more effective and magical. As the West African Tribal leader, Sobonfu Somé said ‘We were wounded in community and we must heal in community.’ It is often the ones who were most afraid of being in a group that tell me afterwards about how valuable they found the experience and how safe, heard and seen they felt by their peers. This is incredibly healing.

My experience as a therapist is that there is only so much that can be achieved in a 1:1 session which focus primarily on the cognitive and talking side of therapy. Awareness is of course very important, but it is only the first step in the healing process. Some people will even move from one therapist to another trying to find something that goes deeper than this and meanwhile get stuck repeating the same old behaviours, simply because some important steps in the healing process are missing. The Bridge takes the healing process to a higher level by focussing not only on the awareness and cognitive part, but also on the deep emotional processing and releasing through the body. The Retreat taps into the body’s natural wisdom and desire to heal in a way that sitting in a chair one on one could simply never offer. And that is, in my professional view, the significant difference for long term healing.

The full 6-day immersion in combination with the power of the group and the incredible variety of the programme, including the ritual elements, are what makes The Bridge Retreat so special and powerful. It also ultimately shows up in the long-term healing results. When I hear from my clients who have crossed The Bridge a year or two ago, that they haven’t had a depression or panic attack ever since, I feel happy and convinced that The Bridge offers something way more effective than any 1:1 therapy can achieve.”

Frederique Bicker, Psychologist & The Bridge Facilitator