The Bridge Retreat

A six-day Personal Development Experience that offers life transformation through Deep Healing.


After much deliberation we have taken the sad decision to cancel our in person retreats for the rest of this year. As I’m sure you can appreciate it wasn’t an easy decision but of course the safety and wellbeing of everyone is our top priority. We are sincerely sorry for any disappointment this may cause you if you were hoping to join us in person later this year.

Given these continuing uncertain times we have decided to focus on offering our important work to people in new ways. With this in mind we are now delivering an online version of The Bridge Retreat as well as several other online workshops and courses. We are super excited to work creatively so that we can continue to offer our programmes, whilst still including all of the key elements that make The Bridge such a transformational healing experience.

We hope that you will join us
Donna & Gabi – Co Founders of The Bridge Retreat


From £2950 6 Days

An immersive six-day residential programme that has been put together by a team of highly trained professionals in the personal development field. This powerful and unique combination of education, group sharing, bodywork, visualisation, meditation, ritual and individual reflective sessions, allows…

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The Bridge Retreat takes place in various beautiful and homely
country dwellings in the South of England, that offer a safe,
nurturing and restorative setting to optimise the inner work we do.

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Organic, locally-sourced, healthy, nourishing food is an important
pillar of what we offer at The Bridge Retreat, providing a gentle
physical cleanse that supports the emotional detox process.

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Today many of us lead busy, hectic lives in over-stimulated
environments, and The Bridge Retreat consciously takes place in
beautiful rural surroundings that allow you to return to a simpler,
more engaged way of being.

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Digital Detox

It is no longer a secret that smartphones and other digital devices
were specifically engineered to be highly addictive and habit-forming
consumer products. We’re now aware of the impact that these devices
have on our anxiety levels, thought patterns, attention span and ability
to engage with our surroundings and the people around us. At The Bridge
Retreat, participants are asked to let go of their devices for the duration
of the programme, in order to optimise the inner work they do. This allows
participants to fully focus and open to themselves. As a result you will
leave feeling more connected and recharged.

Meet The Team

There are two facilitators working on each retreat so the team members can vary for each retreat. Please note that Donna, Gabi and Frederique do not work on every scheduled retreat date.

Donna Lancaster

Donna Lancaster

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Fréderique Bicker

Fréderique Bicker

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Gabi Krueger

Gabi Krueger

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Find out what people are saying about The Bridge Retreat.

I’ve taken so much from my experience on The Bridge including being more conscious generally and wanting to give back to the world, not just take from it. I am also so much more accepting of how i feel and that it’s ok to express my feelings, to be honest about them and not hide them. I’m much more grateful now too, appreciating all that I have got in my life rather than focusing on what is missing.

My relationships with friends and family have become so much closer and more honest. My self worth has flourished and the nicer the things I do every day, the happier my life has become.”

Ashley Pawson

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