Accommodation, Food & Nature

Where you’ll stay

The Bridge Retreat takes place in various beautiful and homely country dwellings in the South of England, that offer a safe, nurturing and restorative setting to optimise the inner work we do. With a maximum group size of 14 participants, these spaces have been carefully chosen because they offer comfortable and inviting public areas, an abundance of outdoor space, and cosy sanctuaries throughout the premises.

Depending on the date and venue you choose and your budget, there are options to stay either in luxury and private en-suite accommodation or shared bedroom and bathroom facilities. All of the accommodation offered is of a high standard to compliment the experience, helping people feel relaxed, nurtured, safe and welcome.

The Food

Organic, locally-sourced, healthy, nourishing food is an important pillar of what we offer at The Bridge Retreat, providing a gentle physical cleanse that supports the emotional detox process. We work with experienced, wellness-focused chefs to create a menu that encourages healing from the inside out, and every mealtime feels like a treat for both body and soul. All food and refreshments are included in your stay with us.

Our venue chefs can offer plant based and vegan options as well as standard diets including meat and fish. The venues can also accommodate special dietary requirements which may include an additional supplement.

Nature as Therapy

Today many of us lead busy, hectic lives in over-stimulated environments, and The Bridge Retreat consciously takes place in beautiful rural surroundings that allow you to return to a simpler, more engaged way of being. Some of the programme’s experiences take place outdoors, harnessing the power of trees, water, the sky and the stars to nourish your soul and reset your mind.

There is ample time each day to walk and enjoy nature in its full abundance. By being in nature in this way, it allows people to remember their innate connection to the land.

Lasting Connections

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