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Family Healing – The Ripple Effect

November 1, 2017

One of the questions people often ask about The Bridge is how it impacts their family relationships when only one member has attended. Here Alessi Laurent-Marke shares her own experience of The Bridge Retreat and the ripple effect within her life and her family.

I originally ‘crossed The Bridge’ back in January 2016 and was lovingly led through a deep exploration of collected grief that I had stored in my body. Layer upon layer, like an overflowing stack of letters I’d programmed myself to avoid opening, I finally opened up and experienced the depth of these forgotten pains and stories and lovingly set them free. I left The Bridge stirred, shaken, cleared, and clean and it was a profound catalyst for processing life’s challenges, graces, and gifts. I traversed emotional, physical, and spiritual terrain that had been previously unchartered, wild, and overgrown and the five days on The Bridge loved my very being into whole healing.

Eighteen months on, and I continue to notice significant changes within my own being as well as in my relationships. I am aware that the ripple effect has reached out far and wide into my day-to-day interactions with passersby, work colleagues, our sacred environment, and not least my closest relationships.

I decided to ask my elder sister Nathalie whether she had noticed these changes too and she noted, ‘since The Bridge you seem much more on an even-keel, more light-hearted, able to let things go more, and generally enjoying life more. Our relationship has absolutely changed – we are much closer, more open, and comfortable in our roles as grown up sisters to each other, and within our family. It feels lovely.’

Inspired by my sister’s comments, I then asked my Mum, Lauren, the same question and she replied; ‘you are now able to take the tough and the cold that life sometimes throws your way. You and I have always had a special relationship but I feel that The Bridge has added another level of openness and honesty. As a family, our love, and deep concern for your health was much improved after your time at The Bridge. It has been a remarkable revelation for us all’.

Finally I asked my Dad, Alan, and he shared similar observations, ‘with the help of The Bridge, you have gotten your life back on track. It has enabled you to prioritise better, be more confident in making decisions both with work and relationships, but most importantly better able to deal with all that the modern world throws at you”.

The very process of even asking my family whether they had noticed this shift in our dynamic touched me greatly. Witnessing this confirmation of my growth and change makes me feel an even deeper level of passion and admiration for the work of The Bridge and I am just so excited for the passage into ‘whole living’ that every single person who decides to cross over will find waiting for them. What is not always so obvious is that in embarking on this courageous journey, not only are we saving ourselves, we are liberating our families too.

The Bridge ultimately sends us off into the world with a satchel for the soul, filled with tools, insight, and rituals we can carry into our lives, our family, our communities, and further still.
Our love knows no limits as we remember our hearts are infinite.
Alessi Laurent-Marke 

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