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For anyone who has a Heart ❤️

October 1, 2019

‘My 9 year old daughter Rose calls The Bridge Retreat ‘The Love School’. She can’t wait to be old enough to jump into my suitcase and join me for the week. Every time when I return from a retreat she asks me with excitement and curiosity how many people learned how to love even more and what kind of magic rituals we used to succeed in this mission! I believe that’s a great way of looking at the work we are doing on The Bridge. Learning how to love and be loved more in our lives through healing our wounds.

Often people ask me ‘is my story ‘heavy’ enough for coming on The Bridge?’ Am I depressed enough, sad enough, anxious enough, mad enough?!  I believe that coming on The Bridge has very little to do with your background, trauma or your mental state. In my opinion it’s much more about having a deeper desire to live with an open compassionate heart. This will increase the love flow through your system and as a result will optimise the relationship you have with yourself, others and the world. Isn’t that what brings so much more peace, satisfaction and joy to us all?

We will all deal with loss, pain and disappointment in life. It is part of being human. In order to move healthily forward from this we need to heal our heart. It needs time to cry, to express, to soothe and to breathe. Unfortunately we have forgotten how to do this in modern life. Many of us are drowning in stressful days, full of head based tasks, surviving on an automatic pilot. This is where the mind takes over and disconnects from the heart, with all sorts of problems as a result. With the collective challenges we are facing today, it’s even more important to bring our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system into balanced alignment and to stay in true connection with ourselves and each other.

As a Psychologist, I listen to different kinds of people on a daily basis and what strikes me is that people often compare their pain or experience to someone else’s. It might be a human thing to check where we are and belong in life. In terms of coming on The Bridge it seems that people believe you need a trauma or terrible childhood to deserve your place on the retreat. Nothing could be less true!  On The Bridge we heal in community and believe that my grief is your grief, equal and regardless of what it’s about. As the week unfolds it’s a blessing to see that personal stories fade away as we respectfully support each other in letting go of what’s been in the way for so long, without any judgement and comparison.

So I would like to invite anyone who has a heart and wants to awaken it, regardless of what you’ve been through, to join us. The Bridge Retreat is for you if you are ready to heal your past and reactivate the energy of love inside of you, so it can flow through you and out into the wider world. Can you imagine if we would all join The LOVE School what the world would be like?! Thinking about this makes my heart sing!’
Frederique Bicker, Psychologist & The Bridge Facilitator

London Sessions Available
Frederique is now offering monthly sessions in London for former participants of The Bridge Retreat to continue their inner work. She offers regular one hour sessions or half day intensives for people to continue to build on all they have gained from ‘crossing the bridge’. Frederique also works with people to prepare them to attend The Bridge Retreat. If you wish to find out more or book a session please email:

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