Love & Service

As we race towards the end of 2019 with the festive season soon upon us, it’s not unusual for some of us to get caught up in a whirlwind of busyness, shopping, socialising, and recovering! But traditionally the festive season can also offer us a time for deep rest, connection and contemplation. Within this it brings the opportunity to count our blessings and show meaningful appreciation to our loved ones through the precious gifts of our time and presence.

On The Bridge Retreat we offer people the time and space to withdraw from everyday life to do their ‘inner work’, reflecting on their past and addressing those issues from it, that do not serve them. There is a focus on connection and healing in community as well as time in silence and solitude, with the food, accommodation and nature offering its own soothing medicine. A big intention of our work is supporting people to heal their individual wounds in service to the collective ones. What this means in reality is that by addressing and resolving our own past heartbreaks, losses and hurts, we can be energetically freed up to focus more on living from a place of love and kindness towards ourself and others, whilst holding service at the very core of our being.

Regardless of any career choices or how people choose to live, it is our intention that people leave The Bridge Retreat with their hearts and eyes open and within that a desire to help others for the greater good of humanity. Now this might mean for some a mission of volunteering or re training in some form of service but for others it can simply (and profoundly) mean that they aim to be the best parent, partner or friend they can possibly be. And that is indeed a service to the whole world because what the world needs now more than ever is more loving, kind, compassionate and caring people living authentically within it.

Whatever your faith or religious beliefs, service is a fundamental aspect of living a truly spiritual life. The inherent belief that we must ultimately look beyond the self and offer love and service to those around us, regardless of whether or not they are known to us. With this in mind, at The Bridge Retreat, we established a Bursary fund from our very humble beginnings to ensure that the work we offer can also support those ready for it, without finances being a barrier. So far in our short life, we have funded over 40 people to attend the Retreat and then asked them to ‘pay it forward’ in some way as they pass on their blessings and give to others in need of support.

So in the spirit of kindness, love and service that this special time of year offers, we are delighted at The Bridge Retreat to be able to offer 6 lucky people* the opportunity to join us on our six day healing retreat in Spring 2020. Yes! We are giving away 3 fully paid retreat places (worth from £2950 each) plus 3 half price retreat places (worth from £1500 each) to people who are ready and willing to do this deep inner work but do not have the finances to join us. We will be prioritising those applications from people who work in the caring professions helping others in some capacity or have the most important ‘job’ of raising the next generation: parents. Examples include single/low income parents, social workers, care assistants, youth workers, nurses, teachers, carers and community workers.

For details of how to apply for one of these precious places, please email

*The Bridge Retreat is not suitable for everyone so all selected applicants will need to be assessed to ensure that the Retreat is suitable for them.

Wishing you all a wonderful and loving festive adventure.

In love and service

Donna, Gabi, Frederique & The Bridge Team xxx