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Movement is Life

December 12, 2017

Movement is life is the slogan I use for my psychology practice in Amsterdam because I truly believe that life is all about movement. Where there are blockages in life energy, emotions or thought processes, people can become very stuck in their lives. The key to success is to break through these blockages and recreate flow.

In 2007 I travelled through India, exploring and studying different approaches to healing. On my journey I was trained by a yoga teacher and bodyworker who always ended her sessions with ten minutes of shaking. Afterwards she asked us to listen to our body allow the natural movements to flow. No thinking… simply subtle movements.

I always felt so energised, light, and joyful after those sessions that it created even more curiosity about the healing power of bodywork. She explained to me that after a traumatic or stressful event the body naturally starts to shake, but if those emotions are not expressed through the body at the time, the energy of that emotion can get stuck on a cellular level and cause all kinds of physical and mental disease.

Therapeutically we know this to be true, reflected in the groundbreaking work of Somatic Experiencing created by Dr. Peter Levine whereby trauma and stress-related conditions are worked with and healed through the body’s own wisdom. Working as a psychologist I realised very early on in my career that the focus in lots of therapeutic methods was solely cognitive and emotion. But that bringing the body into the equation offers the missing link in the completion of healing. When I returned to Amsterdam after my travels I started to integrate different forms of bodywork into my practice, alongside different psychological methods with great results.

A few years ago I was introduced to The Bridge programme and was delighted to see that the body was not forgotten here! The different layers of the programme are beautifully thought through and allow for the ultimate integration of mind, body, heart, and soul. It is this powerful combination that allows people to truly heal rather than simply understand what happened to them. The Bridge Retreat supports people to remember that movement truly is life and that in clearing out their emotional and physical blockages, they can return to their natural state of flow and the magical feeling of wholeness.

Frederique Bicker – Clinical Psychologist & The Bridge Facilitator

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