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New Year, Old You

December 1, 2017

As another year comes to a close, people often start to reflect upon what they wish to do differently and what they hope to create in the new year and beyond. For some it can feel like a time full of hope and possibilities and for others a pressure to yet again improve and somehow ‘do and be better’.

I am always struck by this notion of ‘new year, new you’ and how it perpetuates this sense that as we are, we are not enough. That if we can somehow only fix our broken parts, then we would finally be ok. Worthy.

For me however, it is not about creating a new you in 2018 but in fact returning to the ‘old’ one. Reconnecting to the person we once were before the armour and masks of our defences became our false identity. Reclaiming the truth of us, before we lost connection to our innocence, our joy, our vulnerability, our wonder.

In order to do this, we need to return and reclaim all the parts of ourselves that we had cast aside in our desperate attempt to feel happy and whole. From the ‘failure’, the ‘unloveable’ one, the ‘abandoned and rejected’ one. Because all of these broken parts are also aspects of ourself and they too need to be welcomed home.

And until this happens, each one of us has a little girl or a little boy inside waiting patiently to be remembered; and only when we return and accept all of them, their wounds as well as their wisdom, can we truly feel whole once more and that as we are, in all our flawed beauty, we are enough.

Wishing you a New Year full of connection, authenticity, and worthiness. 
Donna Lancaster, Co-Founder and facilitator of The Bridge Retreat
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