Former The Bridge participant, Emmylou shares her long term experience of the healing benefits of The Bridge Retreat and invites others to join her in accessing and expressing their creative sides.

“Over a year on from The Bridge Retreat, I continue to feel alive with purpose, drive and love. I have finally learnt how to be there for myself and handle moments of failure and disappointment in such a beautiful and effective way. The Bridge truly saved me. When I arrived on the Retreat I was suffering from severe depression and simply could not stop crying. After experiencing a great loss in both my personal and professional life, I struggled to carry on and was numb to life.

Attending The Bridge, I realised that in many ways I have always felt this background numbness and my big loss was just the final straw. It wasn’t until I came to the Retreat that I was able to learn how to release such deeply stored grief and personal childhood trauma. This set me free and allowed me to feel deserving to live simply as me – my perfectly flawed authentic self. I can honestly say I finally feel whole and have come home to who I am.

As an artist, my own healing journey has of course included exploring art and the creative process. Through expressing myself and exploring within using creative art forms, I have deepened and expanded upon my benefits from The Bridge. I now want to help others do the same and experience what it feels like to express themselves creatively, to play and have fun with and through art and to ultimately live from their true authentic self.”

Emmylou’s Virtual Art Coaching Workshops – LIVE!

These workshops will allow you to immerse yourself in the experience of creating your own artwork, whilst taking yourself on a journey of exploration, experimentation, relaxation and learning new techniques!

It is a space for you to gift yourself the time just for you. Creating art is a way that we can express ourselves and realise our full potential. Email Emmylou to find out more: