The Bridge Online Retreat

£950 - £1,250

39 hours

During these turbulent times, many people feel a deep longing within themselves to return to their natural way of being; calm, centred and at peace. They also recognise, now more than ever, the need for a deeper connection to life. A desire to develop or strengthen their spiritual resilience, in order to face the joys and challenges that lie ahead. In daring to turn towards our deepest needs and fears, our historical wounding and self limiting beliefs, it becomes truly possible to live from a place of love, lightness and truth.

The Co-founders of The Bridge Retreat, Gabi Krueger and Donna Lancaster are offering this rare opportunity to benefit from their extensive experience, guidance and wisdom within the comfort and privacy of your own home, whilst in connection with a virtual community. Donna and Gabi will safely guide you through a process of deep grieving and release of the associated emotions, in order to free yourself from any emotional blocks holding you back or hijacking your life, so that you may return to, and be guided by your true authentic self.

In this online experience we will be following the original course outline, with each day focusing on a particular theme supported by well established therapeutic exercises, rituals and practices. The programme offered will include working with grief and loss as part of the human condition, anger as life force, strengthening the body, mind and spirit connections and exploring our ancestral legacies. We will work with healing the inner child and building resilience for happier healthier relationships. Especially the one with yourself. As we work together through this well established and powerful healing process, you will slowly begin to feel your innate Joy and playfulness returning.

During this personal retreat to be held over 2 long weekends Friday to Sunday, each morning will begin with a centring body work or meditation practice, followed by an educational piece on the theme of the day. You will then have a chance to ask questions and further explore the subjects in relation to your own life’s journey. The afternoons are a time to deepen the community aspect of the retreat by working in small groups to share and be witnessed. As well as time for silent contemplation, connection to nature and rituals to support your healing process.


A brief overview of The Bridge Online Retreat

Day 1

Introductions. Trust & safety. Body, Mind & Spirt connections. Overview of The Bridge model. Introduction to the power of Ritual.

Day 2
Grief & Loss as part of the human condition. Heartbreaks and impact. Introduction to the Grief recovery method. Personal enquiry & small group sharing and witnessing.

Day 3
Healing through the body. Working with anger as life force. Cathartic release work. Finding stillness through the breath.

Day 4 
The 5 As of unmet needs. The essential route to healing childhood wounding. Personal enquiry and small group sharing and witnessing.

Day 5
Ancestral healing. Family loyalties. Tribal connections. The wisdom of Dance & Movement.

Day 6
Integration. Trusting intimacy. Love and service. Inner Activism. Authentic Living.

The morning sessions will be facilitated by either Gabi or Donna with the afternoons set aside for personal inner work and rituals or small group sharing and witnessing. There is a strong recommendation for you to go out in nature alone every day as well as spending periods alone and in silent contemplation. We ask that you avoid any digital technology for the retreat duration (apart from these Zoom sessions). These requirements are a very important part of your experience, allowing you to drop deeply and go beyond the mind, with nature, stillness and solitude offering their own medicine.

There will be a maximum of 20 places available for this exciting home based retreat. Each person will be offered a 30 minute pre assessment call to ensure that the course is right for them. This experience is open to those ready and willing to work deeply for their own healing and includes a warm invitation to previous The Bridge participants who feel ready to continue their inner work.

Due to current circumstances 2021 dates are to be confirmed.

Facilitated morning sessions will run from 9.30am-1pm UK time with self/group directed afternoon sessions run from between 3-6pm. (6.5 hours per day)

The full fee for The Bridge Retreat Online is £1,250.

Included in this package is a 30 minute pre course assessment call with Gabi or Donna, 21 hours of direct tuition with either Donna or Gabi plus an additional 18 hours of self/group directed learning and exploration. Also included are course materials, and 6 weekly follow up support emails and resources. 39 hours of full commitment is required with all sessions to be attended.

“If you travel far enough, one day you will recognise yourself coming down to meet yourself and you will say YES.”
Marian Woodman

Meet The Team

There are two facilitators working on each retreat so the team members can vary for each retreat. Please note that Donna, Gabi and Frederique do not work on every scheduled retreat date.

Donna Lancaster

Donna Lancaster

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Fréderique Bicker

Fréderique Bicker

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Gabi Krueger

Gabi Krueger

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