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This 6 session online course is for all the women out there who have had enough of playing small, feeling less than, putting themselves down, over apologising, over helping, over giving, self sabotage, attracting destructive relationships and perpetuating their own negative story and beliefs.

It’s for you if you’ve ever told yourself the lies of ‘I’m worthless’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m unloveable’, ‘I’m too broken’, and believed them. If you have a strong inner critic and poor sense of self and yet know deep down there’s so much more to you than this. If you’re ready to do the work.

This is a precious opportunity for those of you who are finally tired enough of your own story to break free of it and move beyond it. To get out of your own way. Those who are ready to write a new narrative, one that involves reclaiming your own power and stepping into your greatness. It’s about living authentically and courageously. Daring to shine your light and show up in the world as the Worthy Woman that you truly are.

Together we will explore and peel back the layers of self judgment, self abandonment and rejection of ourselves and our beautiful bodies. Working in community as well as individually, to enhance your knowledge and drop into your own wisdom, as you return to your wholeness and wonder, to Love and Serve as the Phenomenal Woman that you really are.

06/01/21 – 5-7:30pm – The History of ‘Worth-less’

10/01/21 – 10am-12.30pm – The Language of Worth

13/01/21 – 5-7.30pm – The Body & Worth

17/01/21 – 10am-12.30pm – Self Love & Worth

20/01/21 – 5-7.30pm – Sovereignty & Worth

24/01/21 – 10am-12.30pm – Divinity & Worth

The sessions will be held at various times and offered via Zoom. For those unable to make any of the live events, they will also be recorded. This interactive course offers 15 hours direct tuition with Co Founder of The Bridge Retreat, Donna Lancaster. Each session will build upon the one before and there is an expectation for you to commit to ongoing work using the resources provided in between each session and indeed after the course has completed.

In reality 15 hours will not change your life but what you do with it afterwards, just might!

This course is open to all women (you do not have to have completed The Bridge) but please only book if you are truly committed to change as part of your own healing journey and will create the space to do your inner work.

“The positive environment that Donna creates through her open and loving heart is like nothing I’ve ever felt before and I really feel I have friends for life as the women on the course felt safe to open up and share free of judgement and held in a safe space. Donna creates a safe haven in a mad world. The course content is so well structured, interesting and thoughtful. I learned so much and have been keen to continue learning since.
The course has made me more compassionate to myself and others and helped me to see the universe has my back and spiritually I feel so much more fulfilled. I have a long way to go but this course has been a wonderful stepping stone into a new world that I am now so eager to embrace. Do the course if you want to feel supported and enlightened by a group of kindred spirits as this course was made not only by Donna but the beautiful group of women she brought together.“
Ruth Gillen, previous Worthy participant

Meet The Team

There are two facilitators working on each retreat so the team members can vary for each retreat. Please note that Donna, Gabi and Frederique do not work on every scheduled retreat date.

Donna Lancaster

Donna Lancaster

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Fréderique Bicker

Fréderique Bicker

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Gabi Krueger

Gabi Krueger

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