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“The positive environment that Donna creates through her open and loving heart is like nothing I’ve ever felt before and I really feel I have friends for life as the women on the course felt safe to open up and share free of judgement and held in a safe space, a safe haven in a mad world.

The course has made me more compassionate to myself and others and helped me to see the universe has my back and spiritually I feel so much more fulfilled. Do the course if you want to feel supported and enlightened not only by Donna but the beautiful group of women she brought together.“

Ruth Gillen

Previous Worthy participant
“I’ve never been held in such a container before. The depth of knowledge these women have is outstanding the devotion, love and dedication is in their eyes. They empowered us all in such a unique way by deviating from the idea that they are the healers. Just mind blowing…

It’s been so refreshing being held by people who have years of experience with trauma, grief, working with sexual abuse and women, inner child work and so much more, and then bringing it all back to spirit. Speaking with utter truth and authenticity. The best investment anyone can make for themselves.”

Hana El-Rais

TBR online participant 2020
“I was dealing with grief and heartaches that weren’t processed and therefore coming back to haunt me in daily life. I'd no idea that an online retreat could give me so much love for myself and others. I have seen positive changes in how I feel about myself and my relationships.

I now have a blueprint and daily rituals that I know make me feel better and I can overcome emotional challenges on my own without reaching out to others or unhealthy distractions that made me feel worse. This is a life changing course and I can recommend it to everyone.“

Natasha Smile

TBR online participant, September 2020
"The online retreat has left me feeling supercharged and most importantly resourced with a wealth of self practice tools. The six days were transformational.

I have come away from the experience empowered to a depth I didn't realise could be possible in such a short period of time. I connected to something far bigger than myself during this process, a higher power that is love itself. Such a beautiful gift."

Holly Warren

TBR online participant, September 2020
"I'd long struggled with what I now know to be grief, not just bereavements of loved ones but the many losses I experienced and buried rather than faced. It gave me hope - real, tangible, do-able hope that I know is transformative - a big, over-used word but in this case - authentic and true.

I felt really nurtured by our incredible, intuitive guides; Donna and Gabi, whose knowledge, lived-experience, humour and genuine love for us Bridgers meant that going in deep with a bunch of strangers was, for me, such a welcome. Out in my world I am now encouraging everyone I know to take part in The Bridge."

Clare Owens

TBR online participant
"A mixture of life changes took me to The Bridge Retreat. I was looking for something out of my organised comfort zone, so the creative elements of The Bridge was a big draw. What I found was all that and more; a maelstrom of creativity, warmth and joy delivered by people who were grounded, experienced and confidence-inspiring.

I found it profoundly healing, challenging, joyful and a little crazy. It’s re-written my preconceptions that change takes a long time and it’s helped me integrate my experiences of loss and grief with my sense of hope and love in a way that I would not have thought possible."

Dr Paul Mallett

"The Bridge Retreat might just be the best time, effort and money you will ever spend."

Thandie Newton

“I’ve taken so much from my experience on The Bridge including being more conscious generally and wanting to give back to the world, not just take from it. I am also so much more accepting of how i feel and that it’s ok to express my feelings, to be honest about them and not hide them. I’m much more grateful now too, appreciating all that I have got in my life rather than focusing on what is missing.

My relationships with friends and family have become so much closer and more honest. My self worth has flourished and the nicer the things I do every day, the happier my life has become.”

Ashley Pawson

“Massive and heartfelt thank you for the most amazing week of my life. Words cannot even begin to convey the hugely positive impact The Bridge has had on me. I feel significantly lighter having shared so much grief. So many elements of the week were monumental in me being heard.

More powerful and innovative than any other therapeutic process I’ve experienced. If everyone went on The Bridge, our world would be a significantly better place, more loving, peaceful and the word “war” would become obsolete. “

Collette Ni Laoire

“Crossing the bridge was like returning home to myself, with love as my internal compass. I was loved into healing in more ways that I can express, fully held and supported to let go of old fears and limiting beliefs that just weren’t serving me anymore.

I now feel that I have the space in my mind, body, heart and soul to live a life that is unburdened and free. A life that prioritises fun, play, expansion, love and connection.”

Vicki Pavitt

Love coach and co-founder of Project Love
“What an incredible, life-changing, heart opening week! I went in not sure if there was much that I needed to substantially shift and WOW there was! One of the most profound and powerful weeks of my life!”

Olivia Quarrelle

42 Acres
The Bridge has brought such clarity and has put me on a healing frequency that was much needed. I'd been rather good at building up perfectly cemented walls and they've crumbled down, a gift for both myself and my loved ones.

I've finally allowed myself to grieve and to take it as seriously as I should have a long time ago. I'm crying again and it is a profound relief. The Bridge is an end station of the beginning of my future journeys. Thank you to all the amazing facilitators and the love you give. You've helped me get unstuck.

Josine van Asch van Wijck

“The Bridge was transformative. Since the retreat things have changed, my nightmares stopped....and so did my anxiety attacks. And I’ve noticed a shift with men too.”

Noelle Reno

TV Presenter & Entrepreneur 
“I want to thank Donna and Gabi for giving me my life back, by creating the space for me to acknowledge and process my grief.  After a lifetime of doubting whether I was loved and then one week of feeling the love of your whole team, I don't doubt it anymore. This is life-changing for me. It literally is changing everything.”

Allysa Rochelle

Founder of The Vulnerable Project
“The Bridge Retreat is the most powerful, fully encompassing, heart filling, nurtured, accepting and ‘real’ transformational healing work that I have done. I experienced huge shifts and since leaving I am continuing to benefit, integrate and develop. This is manifesting in my confidence, career and life in general.

I feel I am finally growing roots in life and I am creating my own true identify for the first time! The Bridge has given me the tools to understand myself and others and has enabled the skills for continued self-transformation. I would recommend The Bridge to anyone.”

Chris Noyes

Yoga Teacher 
“6 months on from The Bridge Retreat and the shift I have felt has been both poignant and peaceful. It wasn't a dramatic or shocking shift, but a calming awareness that I no longer cling to the fear, frustration or anger that used to sit so close to the surface of my everyday life.

The Bridge changed my ability to deal with stress and adversity, it reminded me to always forgive and allow space for the good things in life. I am always aware of this beautiful ongoing process that challenges me every day and yet continues to strengthen my relationships with myself and the people I hold dearest."

Georgina Matthews

“The Bridge enabled me to heal in new ways that I didn’t realise were possible. It completely exceeded my expectations and I’ve come away with a whole plethora of powerful realisations that have given me a much deeper understanding about myself.

My mental and physical well-being has had a profound reset and the things I learned across the six days will stay with me forever. Led by two of the most amazing, intuitive teachers - I felt completely nurtured and supported throughout.”

Kim Murray

"Honestly I can't believe the changes in me this year. I want to thank you and your team for everything you do. The week on The Bridge Retreat has completely changed my life.

I am now completely off all my antidepressants. Life is easier, lighter and more fun. I feel like a weight has been lifted."

Joanna Martin

"The Bridge Retreat is the most powerful piece of personal development work I've ever done. What The Bridge is NOT is a temporary fix where the effects and memories of being on The Bridge become a blur after a week or so. It stays with you. Anyone who books on this 6-day retreat cannot fail to have their heart touched, their mind altered, and their body healed by this loving and holistic process. Donna and Gabi's approach, makes you feel very safe, allowing you to be vulnerable when you need to be, and embracing the entirety of you, warts 'n' all.

Who would I recommend experiences The Bridge? Simple - everyone."

Lauren de Vere

"I am amazed how one week on The Bridge healed 47 years of pain"

Jennifer Pierce

“The experience of The Bridge Retreat was a life changer for me. I feel so much more in sync with myself because The Bridge enabled me to tap into my spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical self.

I feel connected to parts of myself that I never even knew existed. The Bridge has taught me how to truly love myself and those people around me.”

Kim Kennedie

"Thank you Donna and Gabi for holding such a sacred space and for guiding me through such a powerful healing process. I've done many intensives and workshops & this one blows all the others aside. It's unlike any other.

You are both incredible healers and showed me how to embody unconditional love. You nurtured and loved me into being whole again. The Bridge Retreat is a must if you want to release ancestral patterns and live a full and happy life. I cannot recommend this workshop enough."

Lisa Butcher

Shamanic practitioner & jewellery designer
“Everyone should go on The Bridge Retreat... it should be a statutory requirement, a sort of modern day National Service... where you will experience the mental health equivalent of earning The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

The stuff you do here is that good, that mind blowing..and yes that life changing...”

Bryony Gordon

Activist & Author
“I may be blind but I feel like I can now finally see.”

Nina Chesworth

"The Bridge is a very special place and I'm so grateful for my experience on this retreat. I had done some self development work before but nothing compares to my week here. It was a very difficult and emotional 6 days, but everything I experienced was necessary to heal.

I've carried so much sadness from the past for years and I feel that has finally disappeared. It was like magic."

Emma Hope

“It’s about fire. About drums. About our hearts. About love. About a moment of connection.

About stars in the sky. About scars that are dry. About joy that now happily cries. About feelings that have no need to die.

About broken hearts that are open. About relationships that are spoken and told. About drumming that’s primal.

About bodies that shake to the sound of the earth, that lies inside all who take a walk on that beautiful Bridge, that starts all that is left to unfold.

Martin Morales

“The Bridge Retreat opened my eyes to a different world and way of living. I had hoped that I would feel better in some way after doing The Bridge but never anticipated what a wonderful shift in consciousness I would undertake! I feel lighter in my body and more clarity in my mind.”

Lara Inskip

“My experience at The Bridge Retreat was unlike any I’ve had in my lifetime. It was a safe space for my inner child to come out and express long suppressed emotions in a way that was validated, seen, heard and understood. I was surrounded by love and nurturing in every aspect of the experience. It felt authentic, it felt surreal, it felt transformative.”

Jessica Lagoy

“The Bridge Retreat has given me new direction and an ultimate release in order for me to move on without continuously looking back and into the past. It has given me the strength, wish and assured mental attitude to feel positive about my life, to work on being kinder to myself and the tools to continue to work on all of this whilst stepping into the future. I feel exceptionally privileged to have experienced The Bridge as it has had the most poignant healing affect on me psychologically and spiritually. There is a continuum of work ahead yet I feel lighter, happier and more connected to myself and the world around me as a whole.”

Nathaly Schafer

“Many of my clients have done The Bridge and they all rave about it. And I can see why: there are very few master practitioners out there - but Donna Lancaster is unquestionably one of them. I say that not just because she has the skill and the experience; I say that because she has that rare ability to be so utterly transparent that trusting her comes naturally. And trust, as all us practitioners know, is a necessary condition of substantial and meaningful work.”

Dr Shomit Mitter

London based therapist
"You can’t really hide anymore at The Bridge. It makes you stand up and be counted. To have a voice. To stop being a victim. To rage and shout and scream and cry. It brings you from your hiding place back into the world. After all the grief, loss and anger you are steered towards love. Of knowing you are loved and that you are not broken after all, that you can love again. Of feeling that wonderful warmth, of falling back in love with life again.”

Jake Knowles

Writer & Director 
“I was on an intense, cathartic and transformative healing voyage called ‘The Bridge Retreat’ - with a focus on healing old scars, wounds and traumas, grieving losses and betrayals, confronting unconscious ancestral loyalties and breaking free from them, all with an intention to crossing the bridge to embodying and expressing my Truest Self. It was a homecoming experience, with ALL of my ‘emotional orphans’ being met, seen, welcomed and celebrated. The superb and inspiring facilitators held us with such tenderness and there was a ritual interwoven into every step of the adventurous voyage which enriched the powerful transformative process. “

Adé Adeniji

Coach, Group Facilitator & Organisation Consultant
“As an addict in recovery I used to say 'My name is Cissy and I'm an addict', but after my experience on The Bridge, I can truly say from the bottom of my heart 'I'm Cissy and I am whole' ❤”

Cissy Fisser de Gier

“I feel like I cried buckets at The Bridge and all the sadness has finally gone. It was a very special experience for me of which I am truly, deeply grateful.”

Sarah Beckwith

Love Warrior & Goddess 
“I learnt so much about myself and the world and it was a joy to be in such wise and capable hands. I’d love everyone to be able to benefit from the truly magical experience of The Bridge.”

Cathy Rentzenbrink

Best selling author of ‘The Last Act of Love’.
“The experience woke up a part of my soul that had laid dormant in fear and I will never forget the awakening and the love at The Bridge. Donna and Freddy are healing earth angels and with every retreat they complete, I believe they are healing the world’s collective grief… Understanding the importance of finding your tribe and integrating rituals into our daily lives has made my experience here on earth, infinitely more beautiful and never lonely.”

Alessi Laurent-Marke

Singer-Song Writer
“I had done several years of therapy on and off and suffered long periods of anxiety. I finally plucked up the courage to do The Bridge. I was very nervous to finally commit and I had no idea what would be in store for me during that week. I shared one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. My mindset since my week at the bridge is now so clear, healthy and authentic. I feel extremely lucky to experience such a journey that will benefit me and those around me for the rest of my life. The week is choreographed in such a special way, attention is given to every single detail creating an intense unique unforgettable journey to visit the essence of who I truly am.”

Chantal Naughton

"When I came home after The Bridge my sister said ‘O my God, you must be in love!’ And that was how I felt. Everything and everybody was real and love, inside and outside. This, together with the professional guidance, content and logistics, made it possible to really work on the emotional and physical level I needed to work on. It created a deep connection, joy and existential being."

Marianne Van Hoeve

“The Bridge is a wonderfully thought through, generous and highly skilled retreat, delivered with so much kindness and brilliance that weaves you back to yourself. I cannot recommend The Bridge more highly. It is definitely one of the best 6 days I have ever spent with myself.”

Fiona Arrigo

Psychotherapist & Founder of The Arrigo Programme
"Whether you feel you’re in a rut or just need a getaway from life, The Bridge is a beautiful spiritual and healing experience I could not recommend enough! Having been through it recently, I’d say it’s tough emotional work that will leave you feeling like you can lay your past to rest and cross over to living life with more purpose and most importantly presence. It’s love in a nutshell."

Jawaher Ali-Reda

“The journey towards crossing The Bridge is such a gentle, considered and compassionate one that it almost took me by surprise. Compassion is such a powerful force when it is put to good use and Donna and Gabi make use of this force like no other."

Luciano Caruso

"Trying to describe The Bridge is liking trying to describe being pulls at your heartstrings and touches you in the deepest parts of your soul."

Christopher Koller

“I had spent a lifetime trying to understand my life and the way I felt but something remained stuck. The Bridge gave me an opportunity to release myself from the pain and the hurt that had held me back for so long. Sharing personal pain with others is something I know many people are very fearful of but I can say with total conviction that’s it’s the most powerful, transformative and healing approach I’ve ever experienced. The best advice I could give is to say it!"

Jill Halfpenny

“It’s the most beneficial work anyone can ever do – inner work on yourself. For people to be walking around, equipped with the means to move towards living peacefully within their own world, is great. Who doesn’t want that?! It transformed my life.”

Jordan Stephens

Musician & Writer
“My experience on The Bridge was amazing, exhilarating, connecting and some. To fall in love with 12 people (that includes myself) and all those supporting us on our journey to meet ourselves was truly astonishing and a gift I will never forget. Working in a group has always been my greatest fear and after some prodding I decided that the only way to progress was to step into this fear. Working collectively and opening up to shadows with a group sharing similar journeys not only eased the adventure but made it happen, it really was astonishing. We were held, nurtured and challenged in equal measure and I don’t believe it could have been done any better.”

Andrew Gilbert

Company owner
“The Bridge has saved me and has eased a pain that has been with me for a long while. It opened my heart to possibilities and a future that I never knew existed before. Those 6 days gave me more than years of endless counselling. It has been a magical, emotional, pain easing, exceptional, cleansing, healing experience. I thank you from my open heart."

Marion Ford

"I admire Donna Lancaster as a person of great integrity and compassion. Her work has depth and healing power. I trust her as a healing guide on our human journey of challenge and joy."

David Richo

Therapist & Author
“Donna and Gabi have created a haven in which you are able to safely work on yourself without being judged. Through loving and compassionate guidance, paired with profound knowledge; my view and meaning of life and my perception of relationships have changed. This has enabled me to better communicate and appreciate all that I am so blessed to have in my life. I can love with my whole heart and not only others but also myself. It has been a truly mind blowing experience. ”

Beatrice Ankel

“Despite years of therapy and healing in different guises, The Bridge was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Allowing myself the space and time to go deeper than ever before, within the most safe, non-judgmental environment I’ve known is the best and most loving thing I’ve ever done for myself ... It’s like being wrapped in a giant cashmere blanket and thrown into a blender — through a series of very specific rituals, conversations and bodywork you are guided delicately and carefully through every step without feeling self conscious or judged in any way.”

Jessica Bendien

“To me The Bridge is quite simply, pure alchemy. Like magic unfolding in front of your eyes and deep physical healing running through your body as the week unfolds and as you fall deeper and deeper into the experience ... I have so much love and respect for Donna and Gabi for creating this work; they are truly inspirational women and powerful, potent healers. The Bridge is by far the most profoundly deep and healing experience of my life to date. ”

Jonathan Shanks  

“The Bridge for me was the most beautiful and enlightening journey I have ever embarked on. Donna and Gabi have put together something so incredible- that I would wish for every human to experience. The quantity of kindness, compassion and utter love shown to every single member of the group was mind blowing. Once I finished The Bridge, I found my true essence and spiritual purpose which I had lost a long time ago. I really feel incredibly blessed to have had the pleasure of taking part in such a wonderful and life changing experience. ” Amber Donoso , Singer & Songwriter

Amber Donoso

Singer & Songwriter
“The Bridge gave me the skills to connect the dots in my life and move forward instead of holding on to old sadness, grief and anger. I rediscovered who I am and let go of all the voices in my head telling me I was not good enough. Crossing The Bridge is like being set free. Life feels lighter, more manageable, and most important of all I have found my optimism again. The future is full of happiness! ”

Colleen Brand

Interior Designer
“What The Bridge offered is by far the most profoundly, extraordinary, potent and transformational work I have ever done. Donna and Gabi offered such an incredible supportive, non-judgemental, loving, powerful, tender space that was beyond anything I could have expected.”

Suzy Greenwood

“What a week it was! The love, the safe space to be and the support to work through things I didn’t even recognise that I needed to deal with, was a game changer. This personal development process from start to finish was nothing short of pure brilliance. Donna Lancaster and Gabi Krueger, the founders of The Bridge, have created a unique, magical and healing process”

Syreeta Challinger

“The Bridge was a completely new and surprising experience. It was a challenging, revealing, soothing and healing break from normal life. I experienced many emotions and explored countless thoughts, beliefs and feelings. I felt guided, supported, loved and safe throughout. At the end of the week, I felt cleansed from the inside out ... The Bridge has given me a wonderful sense of self-acceptance, including acceptance of my issues and ‘broken’ bits, which I find very liberating.”

Sarah Hunt

“I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a loving healing process. It’s hard to put into words what actually happened other than that It was hugely necessary for me to become more whole! Also, seeing the light come on in the eyes of the other lovely ones (in just a few short days) who were going through the process with me — especially given that some of them had arrived heartbroken and in so much pain, was quite possibly one of the most incredibly moving and uplifting experiences I have ever had.”

Jeanette Calliva

“As I drove away from the retreat in the sunshine, Robbie Williams came on the radio with ‘I love my life’ and at that moment with the wind through my hair and the music up loud driving in my ballet shoes, I knew life for me would never be the same again and I will never go back to that place where I was so utterly in the dark. The sun was on my face as I sang from the top of my lungs — I love my life, I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free. ”

Emmylou Yeoman

"I came out feeling so full of love and joy on a scale I never thought possible and calm and grounded with it. I got everything and more that I hoped to get from it. Since the Bridge I was worried that the effects would wear off but I’ve found in the weeks following that a peace and deep sense of love for the world around me has settled in.”

Selina Barker

“As a Dancer, The Bridge has helped me heal the heartache I have had the past 12 years with not being able to live and breathe my dream. As a Mother, The Bridge has helped me identify that I am no doubt a great mother to my children and that I can live authentically and become the role model that every child would want from their parents. I never thought I could go so deep inside and connect with my wounded inner child and come out so revived as my wise adult self ... the best gift you can give yourself.”

Maria Kaisharis

“I first started running to help me deal with a difficult time in my life. However as time passed I recognised that I was using running to try and run away from myself and all of the hurts and sadness I kept inside. So one day I took a deep breath of courage and signed up for The Bridge. It was to be one of the best decisions of my life. In turning to face my old hurts and sadness on The Bridge, I was finally able to let them go and what was waiting for me on the other side was my natural state of peace and joy! And now 4 months on, I find I am no longer running away but running towards… my purpose, my future, my love, my life!”

Nicola Brown

“The Bridge is an enormously loving gift to give yourself. It offers a beautifully held and safe therapeutic space that allows your whole being to rest and release trapped heartaches, losses and traumas. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a more holistic and experiential approach to emotional healing. Whilst carrying historical pain many of us can go through life as if we are sleepwalking. The Bridge enables you to wake up and reconnect with your own potential for living a full open-hearted life.”

Dr Alice Laskey

Clinical Psychologist
“Since attending The Bridge I feel more aware and focussed and can love and appreciate myself more. Ive begun to loosen up and allow myself time for fun and living more in the present moment. I think Donna is an incredible person and one of the best therapists and facilitators I’ve come across in my lifetime. I can not recommend doing The Bridge highly enough to anyone who is looking to enrich their relationships with loved ones or to simply start enjoying the present more without worrying about the future. What The Bridge really offers, money can’t buy…and that is freedom.”

Michael Jacobson

“I signed up to The Bridge on the recommendation of a friend, not knowing anything about it but knowing things needed to change ... Despite feeling challenged at times, I am glad I surrendered completely to the process, due in large measure to the expert facilitation of Donna, Freddy and their team, who provided a safe and nurturing space. The attention to detail was extraordinary and demonstrated their commitment to this work. I experienced a deep healing and left with renewed purpose and clarity. ”

Emma Mitchell


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