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The day I married myself – with Donna Lancaster

December 17, 2019

It’s Selina here 👋and oh I’m so excited for you to listen to today’s episode. It is with my greatest guide and teacher in life, Donna Lancaster – co-founder and facilitator of the incredible The Bridge Retreat who is honestly the wisest, most powerful, loving and humble healer and transformational therapist I have ever met, so ANY conversation with her is going to be food for the soul, but this one in particular really inspired me (and you’ll hear why) because we were talking about the day, two years ago that Donna married herself. On her 50th birthday. With her best friend there as her witness.


The ultimate act of self-love 😍😍😍

And so we talked about it all: what made her want to do it, what the ceremony was like, the vows and commitments she made to herself, how she knew a lot of people would roll their eyes at it and above all the difference it has made to her and the relationship with herself since saying ‘I do’.

As well as self marriage we talked about going through deep transformation in life, the suffering that is a necessary part of our development and growth and how to navigate those times of suffering so that you can get through to the other side where you’ll find peace, love, humility and all the good stuff.

We talked about why it is NOT in the interests of a capitalist society for us to love ourselves.

And of course we talked about witches 😉

So click play, open your heart and ENJOY!

Click here to play this episode…

x Selina

P.S. The book Donna mentioned is ‘Falling Upward’ by Richard Rohr

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