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The Bridge Retreat is a six-day personal development experience that offers life transformation through deep healing.

Our Vision

To support people towards achieving their optimum in spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual health in order that they can live their life to its full potential and share their gifts with the world.

Crossing The Bridge takes courage of heart, wisdom of soul, and vulnerability of emotions.
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Our Retreats

The Bridge Retreat is a highly cathartic six-day personal development experience that offers life transformation through deep healing. Led by highly trained facilitators, it takes place regularly throughout the year at Wasing Park, a luxury venue in Berkshire and at The Lodges, a cosy country farmhouse in East Sussex.

The Bridge Retreat offers an emotional detox with a chance to rediscover your zest for life. People are supported to grieve their losses and painful betrayals in order to heal old wounds and traumas.

The Bridge Retreat experience allows people to reconnect with their true self and leave with a fresh and positive outlook and tools to support themselves to sustain positive change.

Prices start at £2,950. The fee includes all pre and post-retreat support, tuition, accommodation and food. A non-refundable deposit of £500 is due upon booking. 

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Tuesday 21 Apr


Information Events &
One-day Workshops

Information Evenings

We regularly hold Information Evenings about The Bridge Retreat in London, which are free to attend and all are welcome. These evenings run from 7.00pm — 8.15pm and provide an informal opportunity to meet a member of The Bridge Retreat Team, ask any questions you might have and also hear from past participants about their experiences on the retreat.

No Events Currently Planned


Our one-day workshops offer you the chance to find out more about yourself, how you ‘tick’ and offer tools to take away to support you in your everyday life. All of our workshops are run by highly trained and experienced facilitators from The Bridge Retreat and offer valuable personal development opportunities. You will also have the chance to find out more about The Bridge Retreat whilst there if you wish.

No Events Currently Planned

To view all of our upcoming retreats, visit our Retreats & Events page. For more information please email

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